Although Halloween has already past, I couldn't help but share these brilliant Ntouch attempts at pumpkin carving. Can you guess who won...?

You might have spotted the 'spooky camel' whose star SAT NAV is currently demanding he 'turn around when possible' back to Bethlehem in time for Christmas.

The swooping witch proved to be very intricate to carve and the owner of this pumpkin is now sporting some very fashionable plasters - don't try this at home kids!

Next we have our team leader's 'Trick or Treat' inspired pumpkin which survived being dropped outside the office so deserves extra points for that!

Moving onto the lovely little tea pot, inspired by one of our current clients. Maybe we should suggest Twinings creates a pumpkin infusion brew, yum!

The church hides a morbid secret; the back of the pumpkin has been engraved with gravestones baring the Ntouch employees’ names!

We've got two super scary classic faces to finish with, the skills of a previous art teacher certainly evident there!

So we've definitely put the effort in this year, resulting in a fantastic competition and a lot of fun. The Ntouch team are a bit of a crazy bunch (check out the Halloween costumes for proof), but they're passionate about everything they do (especially pumpkin carving) and their friendly, supportive and caring qualities help to create an outstanding customer experience for all of our clients.



         p.s This was the winner!!