Service Measurement and Insight

In today’s world, customers have choice. Choice of brands, price, contact channels, and purchasing locations to name just a few. Those who fail to embrace this revolution in purchasing behaviour and look at what the data is telling us will be left behind in the race for brand loyalty.

In order to deliver a service that inspires purchase, we need to understand shopper behaviour across multiple channels of contact. Ntouch does this though Customer Insight. We can tell you what your customers are saying, feeling and how they are responding to your products and services.

So how does this affect you?

Insight data gives you the opportunity to study realistic feedback, it allows you to make informed decisions about your future brand and marketing strategy, and achieve optimal return from campaigns.


Our benchmarking service will compare your customer performance metrics to the best practice of the equivalent industry standard in order to recognise successes and areas for improvement throughout the customer experience. Benchmarking can be conducted over a plethora of processes, including complaint management systems, information availability, quality and efficiency, timeliness, and ease of doing business.

Telephone Surveys

If you have a wide customer base that’s situated across the country, our professional telemarketing team can provide telephone and web surveys which are not only cost effective, but also provide detailed verbatim feedback. Our reports are user-friendly and provide robust statistical data for a clear measurement of customer satisfaction levels, so they’re great for memberships surveys to gyms, hotels and easily adapted to work with any customer database.

Mystery Shopping

In a multi-channel world, brand image and customer experience must be consistent across all channels. Our consultants will create real-time scenarios in a store setting and can assess multiple brand image indicators including staff interaction, product knowledge, product availability, store presentation and queue management.

Operations Audit

Are all your channels of contact linked together in a streamlined service? With an operations audit, our customer experience consultants will create process maps to identify areas in your overall business operation that leave customers feeling like they’ve reached a dead end. By closing the loop, you’ll retain your customers that get lost along the way.

Product Research

Product development and innovation are critical to the growth of your company and from identifying the customer’s needs to evaluating reactions to prototype products, Ntouch can provide a holistic research approach to converting ideas into successful products.

Let Ntouch provide the feedback you need to accurately understand your full customer base, giving you the power to gain and retain their loyalty and capitalise on their business.