The Ntouch Contact Centre – What Can We Do?

As industry experts with over 15 years experience, Ntouch provide outsourced UK contact centres delivering brand dedicated, multi-channel customer care and service.

Consumer Helplines

When customers need to contact you, they expect a friendly, caring person with excellent product knowledge who is able to resolve their enquiry quickly and efficiently. This is exactly what Ntouch provide. Although we fully embrace digital technologies, we offer real human contact, interaction and personal response. There are no automatic email responses because we take time to train our team so that they are enthusiastic and passionate about our client's products, enabling them to confidently respond to requests for nutritional information, stockist information, ethical policies and general FAQ’s. By giving your customers an excellent email response and helpline experience, we uphold, reflect and protect your brand.

Complaint Management and Brand Protection

Sometimes things go wrong, and when they do we are here to effectively manage consumer issues and minimise damage to your brand. We provide empathy and sympathy for consumers and resolve problems to ensure consumer brand perception is restored and enhanced.

Online Retail Support

We can advise on optimising your customer interface to reduce the need for contact, however we strongly believe that a significant number of customers still like to place an order with a real person, want purchasing advice or need unforeseen transactional problems solved.  We can deal with these issues and provide additional revenue by up-selling products or promotions when taking manual orders.

Social Media Response

The Ntouch Analysts have created a bespoke piece of software called Social Media Radar. It captures data from social networks and can be used to identify sentiment on brands, products, campaigns or complaints by pinpointing trending hashtags and key words. It also allows our customer service team to quickly and efficiently search for complaints or issues in your social media platforms to ensure a swift and professional response is provided to your customers. The data can be quantified to provide the frequency of particular questions or problems, which may have been overlooked in other areas of customer contact.

Customer Insight

Our contact services are backed by systems that gather information and provide valuable insight into the loves, hates and opinions of your consumers. We can provide you with monthly insight data reports that give you the opportunity to study realistic feedback, allows you to make informed decisions about your future brand and marketing strategy, and achieve optimal return from campaigns.

Fulfilment Services

Whether you need to send out responses to a successful media campaign, manage competitions or just send out some promotional items - we are happy to help.