1. Great customer service increases sales

If customers receive a genuine, caring service they will trust you and believe that you are delivering what you promise, and ultimately will buy more from you. There is a straight-line correlation between your service performance and your sales.

2. Great customer service increases customer loyalty and retention

It's an often quoted fact that most companies can lose up to half their customers every 5 years and as finding new customers costs, on average, 10 times more than retaining existing ones, it pays to invest in a great customer service culture that will increase customer loyalty and turn your consumers into life long ambassadors for your brand.

3. Great customer service reduces operating costs

When things go wrong it’s important to deal with customer issues effectively and minimise damage to your brand. When you can solve a problem straight away, call times and repeat complaints are reduced, saving you money and time.

4. Great customer service decreases employee turnover

It’s not a coincidence that companies with the highest employee turnover rates are also the ones with the reputation for the lowest customer service. Nobody wants to work for a company they can’t be proud of.

5. Great customer service reduces marketing costs

There is no better marketing strategy than word-of-mouth. And there is no faster way to create positive word-of-mouth than by creating great customer experiences.

It’s no secret that customers have far greater expectations than they used to, and why shouldn’t they? Today’s market provides a tremendous array of choices that weren’t available ten years ago. Why wouldn’t they look for an organisation that is going to treat them well? Why should they accept anything less?

All indications are that the impact of the customer experience is only going to become stronger, and the companies who are so heavily investing in customer service are already starting to see profound payoffs. Contact Ntouch on 0808 178 0152 or for more information and support about how we can help you bridge the gap between your current customer service and the customer focused culture you aspire to have.