The Problem

WRAP are funded by UK Governments to prevent waste by developing relationships with a wide range of partners, from major UK businesses, trade bodies and local authorities through to individuals looking for practical advice.

Recently WRAP embarked on research to establish levels of wastage in the hospitality and food service industry. This was to be achieved by physically collecting, sorting and measuring waste from a defined cross section of every sector of food service operations.

To achieve this WRAP worked with a number of different agencies and Ntouch were asked to carry out a difficult and vital part the project – recruiting participants.

The Ntouch Solution

Ntouch first identified suitable data sources for recruitment across the required sectors. We then put together a specialised team, each with experience in various aspects of the food sector, who using our advanced telephone and CRM systems recruited suitable caterers by phone.

As we were recruiting operational kitchens we set up close links with the contractor responsible for the actual waste collection and measurement to coordinate operations and ensure the time slots were acceptable and workable for all parties.

The Result

Ntouch recruited 346 food service operations across England, Wales and Scotland; including Prison Canteens, Army Bases, Hospitals, Schools, Works Canteens, Offices, Pubs, Fast Food Outlets, Restaurants, Hotels and Cafés. We coordinated with everyone involved to ensure the arrangements made worked.

WRAP now has a voluntary agreement in place with the hospitality and food servie industry, which helps reduce waste by controlling food portions, supply chain, recycling and a range of other measures.