Weight Watchers

The Problem

Weight Watchers wanted to review their member meetings and revamp the meeting processes and format. Compiling the initial member feedback and measuring the success of any changes proved difficult because the usual method of mystery shopping was impractical and costly since Weight Watchers hold thousands of 40 – 60 minute meetings every week.

The Ntouch Solution

Our sister company Customer Culture initially provided consultancy for the overall project by establishing a plan that met the needs of the customer, the operations team and the brand.

Customer Culture's solution to collecting the feedback data was to develop a fifteen-minute telephone survey, which measured member satisfaction, particularly around the aspects of the meeting that had been the subject of change. Additionally by recording the length of membership we were able to track the complete member journey along with the effects of meeting enhancements and leader training.

Essential to this project was the ability to report the results in an easily understood format that provided the operations and CRM team with fast actionable results. This is where Ntouch were able to help. Along with providing Weight Watchers with a team of customer service professionals to make the calls, our data analysts created a bespoke monthly report which provided comparable results on the different regions contacts.

The Result

Ntouch contacted over 7,000 members and due to the team's friendly and personable phone manner, they achieved a high ratio of completed surveys. Weight Watchers are delighted with the information our survey has provided, so much so that they extended the original pilot for an additional 2 phases and are now looking at rolling it out long term across the country. They are particularly pleased with the reporting which included both verbatim responses, individual survey summaries and quantitative data comparisons.