Twinings Tea

The Problem

The Twinings family have been selling tea on The Strand in London for over 300 years. In the last century it became popular for customers to order tea from the shop by mail order using a catalogue.

In 2009 Twinings came into the 21st century and launched a very successful on line shop.The problem was that the shop on The Strand is tiny and the team were trying to operate out of its cellar - so come the first Christmas they were totally overwhelmed with orders and enquiries.

The Solution

Ntouch were initially asked to help out by just taking phone orders, however using our intergrated data capture systems and our customer service expertise, we were able to provide a service that could also provide monthly insights into the needs and opinons of Twinings customers. 

The Result

The Strand Shop has now returned to being a peaceful haven for tea lovers. Ntouch has continued to manage Twinings' customer care line and handled over 12,000 customer enquiries last year, including stockist information, product complaints, website support and sales. 

We continue to work closely with Twinings to reduce the number of time a cutsomer has to contact us generated per order, and have introduced a number of process driven initiatives that are now showing excellent results – we acknowledge that our services are only affordable if we form a viable part of the marketing plan and that we constantly strive to add value, 

Finally, in order to deliver a service that inspires purchase, a brand needs to understand shopper behaviour across multiple channels of contact, and therefore we provide Twinings with monthly and annual period reports that gives them the opportunity to study realistic feedback, and allows them to make informed decisions about their future brand and marketing strategy, and achieve optimal return from campaigns.